Meet The Cast

Aaron Bradshaw


A native of Los Angeles, Aaron loves acting, singing, playing trumpet and school. He has 3 older siblings and a pet hamster. To date, he has done many student films, some short films, played a boy in the video game Call of Duty, has a recurring role  as Leo on General Hospital, was nominated for best actor at the iHorror Film Festival and portrayed an emotional adoptee in the film Love is Never Wasted, which was awarded Best Foreign Film at the Toronto Short Film Festival.


Tyler Sanders


Tyler Sanders is an actor from Texas who began acting at the age of 10. He quickly booked a pilot for NBC, shot several commercials for Toyota, Scheels, Hot Wheels and St. Louis Children’s Hospital and appeared in Fear the Walking Dead. More recently, Tyler was in The Rookie on ABC, Just Add Magic New Protectors on Amazon Prime Video and was a series regular in Just Add Magic Mystery City on Amazon Prime Video. When Tyler is not acting, he enjoys outdoor activities such as hiking, skiing and scuba diving and also enjoys photography.


Casey Grimm


Casey is a teen, redheaded Jack Black who effortlessly handles comedy, drama and can walk the tightrope between the two. In addition to Milk Teeth, he has played the lead in 4 recent shorts, including a two character film opposite gaming star Cizzorz (1 million views). He has seven animals.


Griffin Chodler


Griffin Chodler (age 15) fell in love with acting during an after-school elective. He went on to perform in numerous local theater productions and festivals, including the Drama Teachers of Southern California (DTASC) festival where his drama scene won  first place.  Griffin is now acting professionally and is now represented by Abrams Artist Agency. In addition to acting, Griffin is very involved in film-making, directing and script writing at his high school, where he also plays varsity baseball. Griffin hopes to attend film school and feels so lucky to have had this amazing opportunity to both act-in and witness the making of Milk Teeth!  


Teagan Wells

Sink Demon

Teagan “Tiggy” Wells was born in California and has always had an interest in film even when she was young. Primarily she studied animation through-out her middle and high school education, and during that time she was an actress on Mars Needs Moms, yet another movie that required a lot of time in a suit. She feels she has been very lucky because her family encouraged her interests, and as a result she is able to go to USC and is currently pursuing a degree in animation. In the last year or so, however, she has started to become more and more interested in picking up a minor in acting and doing more live-action work like Milk Teeth

To learn more about the Sink Demon – go to the “monster” tab.

Lisa Dobbyn

Mary & The Voice of the Sink Demon

Lisa Dobbyn was born and raised in Dublin, Ireland. Her first love is the theatre, and and she has enjoyed performing onstage both in Dublin and in LA – favorite roles include Merteuil in Les Liaison Dangereuses, Medea and Varya in The Cherry Orchard. These days, Lisa works extensively in commercials, and is known for her distinctive voice. She is honored to have worked on Milk Teeth, and looks forward to the day when her children will be able to watch her performance without having nightmares.


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